Yonge Eglinton Square Coalition


We’re a group of Toronto residents who want to save the square on the northwest corner of Yonge and Eglinton from being destroyed to make room for more retail.  We belong to the four residents’ associations that represent each of the four quadrants of the intersection.

For 40 years, this square has been part of the neighborhood.  Although it doesn’t have many seats or flowers or much to do, it’s the only open space we have. Now RioCan, which owns the Yonge Eglinton Centre, wants to cover over most of the square with shops. And the city planning department and some politicians agree.

But we have a better idea. Why not make the square into what it should be — a welcoming oasis in middle of the city.

Yonge and Eglinton sits at the geographic centre of the city and is slated to grow exponentially with more high-rises and the cross-town LRT, in the coming decades. Imagine what a joyful, vibrant place this plaza could be in the midst of this dense urban space.

Help us convince politicians and city planners and RioCan to dream bigger and turn the square at Yonge and Eglinton into a green, well-designed, people-friendly destination right at the urban heart of Toronto.

  1. Completely agree of course

  2. I mean, I’m against another concrete block being planted here! We need more green spaces!

  3. I like the fact that the coalition has proposed an alternative, which will retain and in fact possibly improve the “oasis” in the middle of the urban desert while also providing the developer with the opportunity to generate revenue from the property. The “square” could actually work to Rio Can’s advantage, attracting people who would otherwise have no reason to venture into a yet another unappealing shopping mall, located in an area which I personally already find quite unattractive. Anything that can be done to improve the area should, I think, be given serious consideration. I think Mr. Leroux’s idea or some variation of it could really help make the area around Yonge and Eglinton more attractive, which will be good for the developer as well as for the people of this city. It is indeed a win-win scenario. I hope those who control the purse strings see the light!

  4. To save the Square We need a champion. A smart person with drive and knowledge of what the deal was back when the Square was built. There is one hero who championed high rise over development years ago. He lives 100 yards from the Square. If only the tiny perfect Mayor David Crombie was on the YES Coalition if would fare much better. I live in the Y/E Centre apartment tower and I see the preparation for construction started this week with the electrical upgrades to support the new power needs of the Y/E expansion.

  5. the city is for all the people not only shoppers but strollers and parents and local neighbours and visitors-we will so miss this place in our city-great open space is what great cities are all about- a place to look up and around and about and feel the city alive and in motion-so sad to lose it like this and for the reasons given that this is how things are done in 2010 and lets give the applicant what they want or they will go away- toronto city council has spoken -left to grieve are the citizens who elected them

  6. hey mommy what used to be their before all those buildings went up?we need a record of the lost open and public space for future generation–any ideas?

  7. Dateline April 2010: 42 MILLION TO REBUILD CITY HALL AREA

    The open air space in Nathan Phillips Square is to city hall and downtown, what the open air space known as Yonge & Eg is to North Toronto. (Formerly it’s own town) Nathan Phillips Square is an oasis in the towers of downtown as is the NW corner of Y & E!

    Likewise, will we put a high rise in the Dundas Square next because it increases density? Hey… our forefathers & foremothers knew. Leave an open space along Yonge St every couple of K. That is why when the corner was sold; there were restrictions on development.

    One question that comes to mind is… would Nathan’s Phillips Square be an open air space if it had three stories of mall below it like they have planned for Y & E?

    Probably yes…
    But, the problem goes to access. Suddenly the new open air 4th story space is not an unrestricted walk-on, walk-off open air place. It now comes under a different set of rules. It is a controlled area because you have to go through and over merchant’s roofs. There will be elevator laws, time restrictions, access limitations. Security, cameras, guards, suicide prevention, & loitering laws on private property. No one comes & goes as they please. Cameras will record it all. (for safety’s sake of course)

    Put forth a design challenge of ground level open air uses before boxing it in and taking away the freedom aspect. Keep the courtyard feel we love or the corner of Y & E will not be sunny anymore. Pete

  8. time to put up a monument so we can tell our kids that there was once open space there -so of like the lost creeks and streams of toronto

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